How to clean mattresses?

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Our mattress should be cleaned periodically and regularly. Here’s how using only natural ingredients.

Well, if the experts say that the mattress should be replaced at least every 10 years, what is useful to remember is that in this period of time our beloved bed should be cleaned periodically and regularly, at least to keep away atavistic spots and armies of thousandth insect.

So, if you don’t want to take it for good, for a thousand reasons, the research that does not redo the bed every morning helps reduce the presence of dust mites, you could follow some tips to clean your mattress with baking soda, vinegar, and elbow grease. If you suffer from allergies, good cleaning should be done about every 6 months, bearing in mind that different types of mattresses are more breathable than others. So already in the choice of the mattress, you must be careful.

Here are tricks to clean the mattresses:

After literally stripping the duvet bed, sheets, duvets, and pillows don’t forget to:

1. Remove the mattress cover and give it a nice wash:

Check the washing instructions on the labels and use the best setting to remove dust mites, bearing in mind that some mattress covers may be dry-cleaned only. Be sure to carefully check the cleaning instructions and warranty information to avoid shrinkage of the cover.

2. Pass the vacuum cleaner:

To remove mites, dust, dead skin and hair. Before passing the most suitable bill, make sure it is completely clean.

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3. Against stains:

There are three types of stains: blood, urine and other body fluids, including sweat. But it could include a fourth, food and drink if anyone had the unfortunate idea of having a snack on the bed.

For the blood, it is good not to rub with hot water and the sooner the better. If it is recent, the stain will go away with a white cloth soaked in cold water. If that’s not enough, add a little baking soda and a drop of lemon, try dabbing after letting it work for a few minutes. Or leave a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the blood stains and then rinse with the help of a clean cloth.