Elasticity and adaptability of memory foam:

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The memory foam is an extremely ductile material, and the best memory mattresses have the ability to adapt to the body it houses by shaping itself on the shapes and lines of the user, whatever his build: we speak of a “shaping effect” that may initially disorientate who he is not used to it, but even in this case the different densities of the foams can offer sensations more similar to traditional mattresses, and the higher the slight sinking into the mattress.

How does memory behave with body movements?

All types of memory foam mattress have demonstrated good isolation of body movements: what does this mean? For example, in a double mattress, the two partners do not disturb each other because the material used absorbs the movements perfectly. All sleeping positions, whether supine, prone or sideways, tend to receive full satisfaction, and it is not advisable to simply try out different models of memory mattresses to find the most appropriate density for your sleeping habits.

Conversely, those who suffer from heat and suffer from excessive sweating may find the memory uncomfortable, and it is, in fact, the most common complaint that can also be found in consumers’ opinions and online reviews. However, experts point out that in low-density memory mattresses, closer to traditional products, this feature is greatly weakened, and the same happens if the memory mattress, at any density, is infused with tiny gel beads.

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Is the memory suitable for those suffering from back pain?

Being essentially a semi-rigid or semi-soft mattress, depending on the different densities of the foams used, the memory foam product is considered excellent to combat the pain that may arise in the lumbar or cervical area, by virtue of the correct alignment between the spine and the neck and testing that favors this material and the type of support it offers. Given the excellent support and the ability to alleviate pain, we note however that for elderly people, the sick or physically weaker people it could be difficult to get up and lie down from the memory mattress if this is a high-density model, so yes recommend buying in these cases a low or medium density.