Cold foam or spring mattress?

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 Before buying a new mattress is often the question: cold foam or spring mattress? Where are the advantages? Which mattress is the most suitable?

3 advantages of cold foam mattresses

Cold foam mattresses are currently very popular because many very cheap models are offered. But are cold foam mattresses just a cheap alternative or do they have other advantages? Cold foam mattress or spring mattress? First three advantages of cold foam mattresses:

  1. Cold foam mattresses are lightweight. Compared to spring mattresses, which have steel springs inside, cold foam mattresses have a low weight and can, therefore, be transported more easily.
  2. Another advantage of cold foam mattresses is their point elasticity. The mattress gives in to where the body weight rests, which is particularly back-friendly. Cold foam mattresses hold, as regards the point elasticity, certainly with high-quality spring mattresses.
  3. Cold foam mattresses store the heat. For people who freeze at night, cold foam mattresses are therefore a good choice. Is that for people who tend to freeze at night, the question cold foam or spring mattress already decided? No, with a cold foam topper on a spring mattress, the same effect could be achieved.

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2 advantages of spring mattresses

  1. A spring mattress dissipates the heat particularly well, it is pleasantly cool. People who sweat at night, therefore, should rather resort to a spring mattress. Here, thanks to the large gaps between the steel springs, moisture and heat are ideally dissipated. Thus, the spring mattress is also very hygienic, because mites prefer a warm, humid climate. In particular, spring mattresses are the best choice for beds whose slatted base is badly ventilated from below.
  2. The immersion depth of spring mattresses is a great advantage, especially for people with higher body weight. On a thin mattress, the body otherwise sinks down to either the slatted frame or the mattress is so firm that the body cannot reach its optimal resting position.

So: spring core or cold foam mattress? For dainty people, the sinking depth does not play the decisive role, all others benefit from the pleasant lying on a mattress with large sinking depth.